Thursday, July 28, 2005

Reaction to science: Dinosaur embryos and electrical currents

I already do "Reaction to the news" and "Reaction to the blogs," so why not "Reaction to science"? Two fascinating stories caught my eye today:
  1. See here: "Scientists have uncovered the oldest dinosaur embryos ever found, dating to the beginning of the Jurassic age 190 million years ago. The find, which has taken years to decipher, is helping them understand the development of a long-necked, plant-eating giant called Massospondylus carinatus." (The research was partly funded by the University of Toronto.)
  2. See here: "Scientists at the Nevada Test Site said they generated a current Wednesday equal to roughly four times all the electrical power on Earth. The experiment was conducted at the test site's Atlas Pulsed Power Facility by scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, along with staff from the test site and contractor Bechtel Nevada. During the few millionths of a second that it operated, the 590-tonne Atlas pulsed-power generator discharged nearly 19 million amps of current through an aluminum cylindrical shell about the size of a tuna can, the National Nuclear Security Administration said."

Check out the two articles, both from The Globe and Mail. Fascinating stuff.

Alright, now back to politics...

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